5 Essential Things to Know Before Buying Precision Turned Components

Precision turned components are an inseparable part of Industrial manufacturing around the world. There is very little information available on the internet regarding their use in manufacturing. We at Ganesha precision have come up with a guide that will tell you 5 things to know, before buying precision turned components. We have been manufacturing top quality PTCs and CNC for decades to some of the biggest companies in India, involved in automotives, farming, and industrial manufacturing, and we have poured our experience in to this guide which we hope you will find of use:

  1. P stands for precision in PTCs: The very point of precision turned components, is their extensive use in linking different parts of machinery to each other. Most commonly Precision turned components are used to hold bars of metal in place for further moulding or sheeting. There is very little margin for error in manufacturing these components and any deformity could prove fatal for your machine. Ganesh precision is a legacy supplier of precision turned components in India. Please go through our website for more details.
  2. Raw Material: Brass is most commonly used for precision components as it does not rust easily and is a great conductor of electricity. You should pay special attention to the raw material and build quality when buying PTCs. Ask your manufacturer in detail about where he procedures brass for use in these components.
  3. Certification: Most countries have their own individual certification for precision components. In India relevant IS standard is used. Ganesh precision is an ISO 9001:2008 company and one of the earliest companies to be recognized which makes PNC and CNC components.
  4. PTCs and CNCs are different: There is a huge difference in PTCs and CNCs. CNC stands for computer numeric components and are specialised for industries like automotive and melting. At Ganesha precision we supply both PTCs and CNC’s, which our regular customers can even customise according to the size and dimensions they need for specific machine applications.
  5. Most Machines require PTCs: There’s a reason for precision turned components popularity around the world, and every country is home to a number of suppliers. PTCs are part of almost every manufacturing process and play a crucial role in streamlining machinery and maximising industrial output. If you have any further questions about PTCs or CNCs or any other machine parts.

We at Ganesh Precision would love to hear from you. You can call us, drop in an e-mail or simply walk into our office and our professional sales team will take care of the rest.

We have told you about 5 things you need to keep in mind before buying precision turned components for your machines. We hope we would have helped you in making your decision easy through this guide. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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