Benefits & Uses of Precision Turned Components

The Precision turned component machine is a perfect solution for machining various types of materials, and can bring a lot to both business users and companies and individuals. If the idea of buying a machine with numerical control is stuck in your head but you still have trouble deciding, or you do not know if such a machine will suit your needs, here are some reasons to convince you!

Lower costs and expenses:

For a company, acquiring a Precision turned component machine will reduce the costs of production, better use of materials by reducing -for example- the cutting errors are almost inevitable if we work by hand. The production speed is also much higher, and the machine does not require any manual intervention once programmed, which means that while it is cutting your piece, you are free to work on other parts things.   

Production time improvements:

With a Precision turned component machine, it is possible to know in advance how long will the production of each piece of an exact and precise. This allows for better job scheduling, thus increasing your productivity. For a turned components manufacturers, the productivity gain is immense: a Precision turned component machine can work 24/7, does not require much manual intervention (only to place and fix the material to be machined), and it is possible for one person to monitor several machines. Better finishing Precision turned component machines enable the machining of parts with impeccable finish.

The milling machine will follow exactly the programmed path and the final part will always have the desired geometric shape. This better finishing of the finished pieces will in turn reduce the time you could have spent finishing the pieces by hand.

Greater accuracy:

Most Precision turned component machines are accurate to the order of a few tenths of a millimeter. This is superior to any result that can be obtained by working manually. Imagine for example that you have to make almost identical parts: while with a precision machinery, it can be done in a few clicks, without it, it is the galley to ensure measurements and verify that the parts have beautiful and the same dimensions.

More Flexibility:

With a Precision turned component machine it is possible to achieve a lot, the only limit is your imagination. The realization of objects that require a lot of time, even impossible to realize by hand, becomes an easy thing, it is enough to spend time to work on his computer to properly program the machine. It is also possible to machine several materials without problems, in particular aluminum.

Simpler operation for Precision turned component machines:

Your working methods will significantly change with a Precision turned component machine. For example, if you have to cut a 25cm square, you must first draw a perfect square with a square to make the right angles, measure the sides with the ruler, and cut it by hand, not to mention the finish. All these steps can be simplified with precision machinery: just use computer-aided design software and draw a square in a few clicks by entering its dimensions and then export the code to the machine that will take care of the cutting!

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