Brass Neutral Links: Features and Advantages

An indispensable part of all electrical equipment is the brass neutral link. Also known as a neutral terminal block or neutral bar, it is regarded as being the most important component of the electrical boards and panel boards. You will find them in cars, washers, dryers, and surge protectors. Made with a combination of brass, copper, and other metals of high quality and grade, the neutral links have diverse uses and can be customized as per requirements.  

The brass neutral links may be 2-way, 4-way, 8 way, or 50 way. They have an important role in isolating and clearing any faulty downstream and electrical equipment. This is done through switchgear and can prevent short circuits. Neutral links are also used for protecting an electric circuit from damages due to overload and acts as a circuit breaker. 

Some of the related products are earth connector bars, simple neutral bars and earth connectors. 

Neutral links and neutral bars consist of multi sockets and screws which can accommodate a range of 14-20 neutral wires. They are assembled with screws made of brass or steel as desired by the client. This helps to minimize space, improve the performance, and better management of the neutral links and neutral bars. 

Benefits of using brass neutral links:

  • Used for switchboards, switchboard panels, and surface mounts
  • Neutral links are very useful during a car or appliance repair process. 
  • Allows wiring checks
  • Detection of the closing screw
  • Can be customized as required
  • Transparent and highly pliable 
  • Made of a resistant material that prevents cracking during transit or installations

Neutral links are used in all switch gears, panel boards, and electrical switchboards. These links form a major part of circuit protections such as RCD, MCB, and circuit breaker. 

In panel boards, the most commonly used link systems consist of copper bus bars, brass neutral link, and earth links. They are considered to be most efficient in the distribution of electricity. Panelboards have widespread uses in electronics, electrical, and telecommunications industries.

Specifications related to size, or other features provided by the clients are designed on neutral bars. There are a variety of bars with plating and containing dissimilar palates.

Brass earth bars have application in:

  • Power distribution cabinets
  • Distribution boxes
  • Lighting boxes

Some manufacturers of brass neutral links of Mumbai have acquired names of being the best among the brass electrical component manufacturers in India. They also produce terminal blocks, a varied range of screw designs, and neutral bars beside neutral links. These products are claimed to be revolutionary due to the level of customization achieved based on capacity, size, and dimensions. 

Level of Compliance:


  • Industry-specific norms are followed during manufacture.
  • High-quality neutral links conforming to international standards and specifications
  • Superior qualities of brass are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Experts in the concerned fields perform a quality inspection.
  • Depth checking of the bars are carried out
  • Checking of durability and finishing parameters
  • Zero defect range of earth bars made of brass

Unique features:

Manufacturers claim that they incorporate the following high end- features in neutral links to make them the best in the category.

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • 360 free cutting brass neutral links
  • Premium quality finish
  • Very high level of conductivity
  • The product finishing consists of nickel, tin, or other coatings as per client requirement

360 brass is manufactured by combining copper and zinc. It is very strong, corrosion-resistant, and can function under extreme and critical conditions. These types of brass neutral links are suitable for heavy industry parts as they can provide good machinability. They are best suited for application in high-speed machining including drilling, milling, and turning.

For manufacturing high-end machines like computer numerical control (CNC) and those using Japanese technologies are used. These machines are capable of producing high-quality finishing and close tolerance levels. They also have good control over tapped holes and threads. 

The products are greatly valued by both domestic buyers and clients outside India due to the quality, performance, and long-lasting product finish. The export products consist of mostly brass earth bars, and neutral bars with a tin-plated finish. 

Neutral Links are exported in huge quantities to the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and several other parts of Europe.