How to Choose the Right CNC Machine Tool?

In the present times, customer expectations from every product are very high. They want that the product must function properly and do the task it is supposed to do. This puts a big burden on the manufacturers as there is no scope of error. In such a situation, manufacturers must ensure that each part is carefully manufactured otherwise the repercussions might be serious. This is where the importance of choosing the Right CNC machine tool comes to the fore. If there is an error of judgement in choosing the CNC machine tool, the enterprise is doomed to fail.

The process of choosing the right CNC machine tool for manufacturing of CNC auto parts is not that easy. There are certain steps that need to be followed to make sure that the CNC machine tool chosen meets all the requirements. By choosing the right CNC machine tools, manufacturers can significantly enhance the performance of the machines and the parts manufactured therefrom.

Here are the important steps that need to be followed while choosing the right CNC Machine tools.

Present set-up and operator experience

You need to pay attention to the existing machinery set-up at your manufacturing unit as well as the level of experience and expertise that the operators have. If you choose a CNC machine tool that is not compatible with your existing set-up or your personnel is unable to operate it, then you are going to face serious losses.

Type of parts that will be produced

The type of CNC machine tools to be chosen are impacted by the complexity and difficulty in manufacturing the respective part. There are certain parts that require high precision and are very complex to manufacture such as CNC auto parts. While there are other products that are relatively simple to manufacture and have some basic function such as nuts and bolts. Once the nature of the parts and the degree of complexity are determined, only then can the right machine tools can be chosen.

Type of materials to be used

Different CNC machines have the capability of working on different parts. If you do not pay attention to the materials that will be used on the CNC machine tool, you might end up with a machine that serves no purpose. Compatibility of the material with machine is very important.

Type of control system required

Different CNC machine tools have different control systems and their pricing varies accordingly. There are some which are fully automatic and then there are those that require manual intervention. The Choice of the control system will have a bearing on the CNC machine tool required.

When choosing the right machine tools, you need to also match your choice with the selection of the most practical CNC controls on the levels of automation and number of axis to be controlled as well as the manual interventions needed during the production process.

Available space

Buying an expensive CNC machine tool is of no use if there is not enough space at your manufacturing unit to keep it. Buy only such a machine that can be easily installed and operated at your premises.

By taking acre of the above mentioned factors, you will be able to purchase the exact CNC machine tools that you require.

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