Difference Between NC and CNC Machine

CNC and NC are both automatic machines used for machining any metal with accurate dimensions. These machines work on the feeding mechanism in which we command the machine through the program to make it perform a certain operation. To know more about these machines, read the difference between NC and CNC machine given below :

  • NC stands for Numerical Control while CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. NC machine is the machine that is controlled by a set of instructions in the form of numbers, letters, and symbols called a program. CNC machine is used to control motions of the workpiece and tool with a computer program written in alphanumeric data. The program consists of precise instructions about the manufacturing method as well as the movements.
  • In the NC machine, programs are fed into the punch cards. In a CNC machine, the programs are fed directly into the computer using a small keyboard.
  • It is very difficult to modify the program in NC machine if some error occurs and debugging is needed. In a CNC machine, modification of the program is very easy. For NC machines, you will have to change the program in the tape and feed it to the machine again even for a tiny change. In a CNC machine, you just have to change a variable in the computer to modify the program. This machine has memory storage and programs can be stored in its control.
  • To operate an NC machine, the high skilled operator is required. For a CNC machine, the less skilled operator will work.
  • Maintenance cost is less for NC machine is less as compared CNC machines. You can purchase CNC auto parts in Mumbai for reasonable prices.
  • In NC machines, the programs cannot be stored. Whereas in CNC machines, the programs can be stored in the computer and can be used again and again.
  • NC machine has no memory storage and it runs off of the tape each time the machine cycles. NC machines have a controller known as Machine Control Unit or MCU that is capable of reading and interpreting a stored program and using the instructions in this to control a machine via actuation devices.
  • NC machines offer less flexibility and computational capability. CNC machines offer additional flexibility and computational capability.
  • The accuracy of the NC machine is less as compared to CNC.
  • On NC machines, more time is consumed for the execution of the job while it takes less time on CNC machines for the execution of the job.
  • It is not possible to run NC machine continuously but you can run CNC machine continuously for 24 hours a day. CNC auto parts in Mumbai are easily available.
  • Cost of NC machine is less while cost of CNC machines are very high.

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