quick release coupling

What Are Factors to Consider While Selecting Quick Release Couplings?

Are you planning to purchase quick release couplings?

If yes, then don’t forget to consider a few factors. Most of the manufacturing plants these days using compressed air make usage of quick connect couplings because they ensure fast as well as effectual connection and disconnection of liquid supply lines.

It is mainly utilized for heavy industrial applications right from steel mills, chemicals, oil refineries, etc., making it important to select the right coupling.

Remember that if you choose the wrong couplings then it can create unforeseen problems with safety, output, and energy conservation.  

However, to purchase quality couplings it is essential for you to select a reputable Quick Release Coupling Manufacturer in India like the Ganesh Precision Industry who makes use of optimum quality material for manufacturing it. 

Below-stated are few factors that can help you to choose the right & quality quick-release couplings:

Environment: Want to use quick release couplings in outdoor areas? Make sure that it is resistant to weather.

Couplings that are made using copper alloys or malleable iron material are known to last for a long time. However, if you want to use them in any kind of dirty environment like foundry then go for couplers that have no moving parts. 

This type of couplings is not affected by dirt when compared to other couplers that come with movable sleeves. 

Location: The selection process is highly affected by the location of the coupling. Most of the coupling styles will work effectively if the coupling is placed at the end of a movable hose.  

But you need an automatic latch or zero-pressure type coupling in order to use on a pipe or other fixed location. However, a zero-pressure coupling type is required when it has to be used at the end of an overhead hose drop. 

Size: There are two factors that help in determining the right size of the couplings. The hose or pipe fitting to which coupling is connected helps to determine the connection size while the required airflow determines the body size of coupling.  

Frequency of usage: How frequently you will be using quick release couplings is going to determine the type of coupling that is required. Axial connect couplings are mainly valved and can easily be disconnected.

However, a rotary connects coupling does not have a valving mechanism.  

The most common wear points on valved quick-connect couplings seals, valve & springs.

Apart from this if you are looking for quick release couplings for heavy-duty usage then simply go for spring-loaded, O-rings seal and poppet-type valves rather than flat washers.

Flow: System flow rate is the most important factor that should be inspected before purchasing coupling. When considering coupling size, it is vital to curtail the pressure drop so that system inefficiency can be avoided. 

Therefore, by considering the above-stated factors you can always make the right selection of quick release couplings.