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Maintenance of CNC Machine Components: An Effective Checklist to Follow

Are you still looking for ways to maintain the CNC Turned ComponentsIf yes, then this blog will help you. 

It is often noticed that several industries concentrate on their industrial productivity rather than the maintenance of the machines that are responsible for increasing their productivity. 

As a result, when the machines turn down, the business starts facing a lot of loss. In order to keep your production facilities running, it is important to have a systematic program of preventing maintenance for your CNC machine. 

Remember once the machinery slows down its performance level, you need a team of technicians who will solve the defective region. All this can be a time-killing and even an expensive deal for the company. 

Some of the well-known CNC Turned Components Manufacturers like Ganesh Precision recommends maintenance of CNC machine components from time to time to increase the profitability of your company as well as prevent production downtime. 

Here is a preventive checklist for CNC machine components that you need to know:


Lubrication is the topmost thing that needs to be for your CNC machine components. In case, your company relies on vehicles such as buses, cars, or trucks then the machine will definitely come across engine issues. 

When compared to other parts, all the machinery tools work harder. You need to choose the right grease oil and do regular lubrication in order to avoid the problem of wear and tear. 

Keep the decisive spare parts handy

There are times when the machines stop working due to problems with important spare parts. For this reason, you need to have some spare parts in stock to ensure that there is no delay in machine repair as well as product manufacturing development. 

Pay attention to the defects or dirt blockage

When the machine is used for a long time, it often accumulates foreign particles that further blocks the lubrication of a machine. It is important for you to do a proper examination of the machine at the end of the day regularly.  

Dust, debris as well as other wear & tear particles are harmful to the CNC machine and prevent smooth functioning of the machine as well. Such kinds of outside particles can enter into the lubrication system and stop the grinding process, resulting in productivity delay. 

Consider the peripherals

You must know that CNC Turned Components in India come with backlash, coolant, copper bars, chip conveyors, and several other things that ensure the smooth functioning of the machine that too without any interference. 

Make sure that the examination of all these peripherals is on your product maintenance list. You have no idea which screw, bolt, or conveyor belt can lose or damage the entire equipment. So, have a close eye on the peripherals. 

What are the benefits of CNC machine components?

If you regularly maintain CNC machine components then you will experience several benefits that are stated below:

  • Decrease & prevent huge repair costs from unplanned break down of the machine
  • Increase the productivity & profitability of your organization
  • Enhance efficiency by utilizing less material and decrease scrap materials
  • Ensure good productivity of the machine tool
  • Minimize the chances of accidents that can be extremely dangerous for operators. 

Therefore, these are some ways that can help you to maintain the CNC machine components. Apart from keeping your machine in good running order you also need to invest in the best CNC machine tools that are easy to maintain.