5 Benefits of Brass CNC Auto Parts

Brass is the most popular alloy of copper because of its wide use. It is formed by adding zinc in copper. Variety of brasses can be produced by varying amount of zinc added. Large amount of zinc gives improved strength and ductility to the material. Have a look at the 5 benefits brass CNC auto parts offer:


Low friction coefficient: Brass have very low friction coefficient hence it is ideal material for manufacturing CNC auto parts. Low friction coefficient means capability of high speed operations without wearing of parts. Additionally brass has tight sealing capabilities which is very desirable property for CNC auto parts.


Corrosion resistant: Corrosion causes wear and tear of auto parts decreasing its life span. Brass CNC auto parts are rust proof because of corrosion resistant nature of brass. This means less maintenance for these parts. Brass is naturally very attractive material hence it don’t need surface finish most of the times, saving time and money both for manufacturer as well as customer.


Heat resistance: CNC Auto parts India are bound to work in high temperature working conditions, brass serves this purpose best. Brass has high heat resistance enabling parts to function properly even at high temperatures.


Durable: brass is highly durable material hence brass CNC auto parts have really long life. This makes these components very cost effective. CNC auto parts manufacturers sell these parts at very reasonable prices.


Easy to machine: Brass is very versatile material and easily precision machined. Brass has good malleability and ductility hence you can get brass auto parts in various shapes, sizes and finishes. CNC auto parts manufacturers in India manufacture brass parts with specific sizes and any complex shape. Brass can even be soldered to copper as it is alloy of copper. Brass is a high density material and hence ideal for auto parts.


Brass is the most preferred choice for auto parts by industrialists due to its unique features. Brass parts are used in range of industries like medical, plumbing, electrical, electronics etc.
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