5 Tips to Choose Best CNC Auto Parts

Modern CNC machine auto parts allow high speed production and high precision of specialty parts for almost all use and application. CNC machining allows tight tolerance on part dimensions and in case you are considering having CNC machine auto parts, you will be in a fix. The material you choose has a big impact on the ease of machining, cost effectiveness and also the production rate of the CNC machine process. Choosing the wrong material will get you struck for overpaying for fabrication of the machined parts. Here are 5 tips to choose the best CNC Auto Parts:

Where CNC auto parts are used?

The environment in which your machine is going to be used and installed has the biggest impact on the material selection. For example, if it is going to be used in outdoor environment than stainless steel is suggested as compared to carbon steel. Other factors include the dimensional tolerance, stress load; type of fastening will affect the material choice. Additionally, the factors like aerospace, military, FDA regulated specification etc are likely to impact the choice of your material as well.

Operating Temperature

Very high, very low and ranging temperature restrict the user from certain materials. The popular polymer is PVC. PVC is known to lose stability and strength at temperature that is lower at 280 F. Ranging temperature often trouble the machinery as certain material expand considerably with small relatively changes in ambient temperature. Unless the parts of the CNC Auto are designed to accommodate the volatile material, you need something that is strong and stable to design at the operating temperature.

How much design factor will be affected by weight?

Heavy materials provide stress absorption, good strength by default. However, the weighty steel alloys and cast iron are not the good choice for the weight sensitive application. There are plenty of other special alloys like polymers, ceramics and other materials that have the tendency to provide tolerance, capability, stress absorption and other needed characteristics.

What Material strength do you need?

Material strength does not mean bare weight or the load capacity but includes a lot more!

  1. Tensile Strength: Capacity to pull the load
  2. Endurance Strength:  Overall capacity for stress absorption
  3. Wear Capacity: The ability to recurring the dynamic loads, handle frictional, ability for the self lubrication.
  4. Hardness: Ability to handling the pinpoint the surface loads.

Manufacturing and Overall Cost:

Considering the machine ability and overall cost of the materials you will consider. Typically, the high strength material requires the carbide titanium, or carbide tooling due to the resistance they are posing in machine. High strength speciality material includes the lightweight type that costs more to the sources.

The best strategy is to select the material as per the suggestions of CNC auto parts manufacturers. They will mainly suggest you to check the above factors in order to choose the best CNC auto Parts. This goal is not hard to achieve if you plan well and choose the right company.


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