Everything You Need to Know About CNC Parts

CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control, is not a familiar concept to most people. Only students of core engineering know the exact use and significance of CNC in the day to day life. An automated system of machine commands, CNC is an indispensable part of machining today. The existence of this technology shows the remarkable progress and advancement in the building up of infrastructure in the country.

What is CNC?

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is an automated system that helps in commanding and controlling machine tools through the implementation of pre-programmed sequences of machine control commands. As opposed to being controlled manually, the CNC does not operate through the use of hand levers or wheels, or merely through mechanically automated cams.

What are the allied terms with regard to CNC?

The terminologies used most commonly with CNC is CAD or CAM. The design of a mechanical component in a modern CNC system and its manufacturing programs are highly automated. The definition of the mechanical dimensions of a machining part or component is done through CAD or Computer Aided Design; a software designed precisely for this purpose. This is then translated into manufacturing directives using another software called CAM or the Computer-aided Manufacturing software. A post-processing software also works on the results.

Where is CNC used?

The uses of Computer Numerical Control in machining is multifarious and touches the basics of many industries. Here is a list of industries in which CNC is widely used:

  • CNC is a technology that can be used in the production of both metal and plastic parts for equipment in innovative engineering.
  • CNC can be used in building prototypes of larger equipment, thus allowing a sneak peek into whether a new idea involving a machine can be worked to fulfill all that it is aimed to achieve.
  • Used in the aerospace industry, CNC can account for the precision engineering that is indispensable to aviation.
  • The precision of Computer Numerical Control is also used heavily in the auto industry. There are many manufacturers of CNC Auto Parts Mumbai supplying essential products to other parts of the country as well.
  • CNC is indispensable to the medical device industry, allowing non-invasive surgery to take place by facilitating laparoscopy and other equipment-driven medical procedures.
  • The machines used for energy production also include the use of CNC.
  • There are a large number of upcoming industries in which CNC is used. The advancement of 3D printing is a good example of this.

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