A Guide On Buying Quality CNC Turned Components in India

Any machinery needs spare parts and turned components, and much of the global supplies are actually made in India. Most of the imported machine and engine parts available across the world is actually made by an Indian manufacturer, shipped abroad for branding and trademark, and further re-shipped across the world. This is an interesting story, and there are several reasons why international brands trust CNC turned components manufacturers in India. Let us take a quick look at the reality of this major chapter of industry.


Let us break this subject down to the basics :


(a) The Logistics Advantage: Much of industrialisation, especially when it comes to large scale manufacturing happens in Asia. China and India are the global giants for manufacturing – be it for electronics, cosmetics, or any other consumer goods. However, most of the machines are actually made by companies in Europe and America. If CNC turned components, industrial belts, and such spares were made in India, it severely reduces the cost of shipping these parts across the world since they are required in such large volumes in nearby countries.


(b) The Quality of Metals: Precision parts and turned components used in different kinds of machinery need to be made from specific alloy materials. Metallurgy and mining is one of the most developed industrial sectors in India, and this is why CNC turned components manufacturers have a steady supply of raw materials to work with. India is one of the world’s largest producers of aluminium, copper, zinc, tin, and steel – the five primary metals used to make turned components. This not only reduces the cost of the final product, but also ensures that different types of alloys can easily be procured. The high quality of raw materials is of great importance, since it may directly affect the function and performance of the machine itself!


(c) Upgrading Production Regularly: Machines keep changing, and then there are upgrades and modifications that need to be accounted for. One of the most critical aspects of making CNC turned components is regularly upgrading the technology and overall production process. The company making spare parts for these machines also need to work closely with the machine manufacturer to keep up with the changes. It seems that companies in India are much more reliable when it comes to upgrading technology and making changes to production processes when compared to other countries.

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