Tips to Choose the Right Material for CNC Turned Components

The most critical step to get a CNC project right is choosing the right material especially when we need machine parts with high precision that have a complex design. If you are looking for the right material for CNC turned components but do not have the eye for details this article is for you. Today we are going to share tips with you that will help you choose the right material for CNC turned components.
Steps for Material Selection
Whenever a manufacturer is looking for the best material for their project, they should keep in mind that the entire process of material selection for CNC turned components involves three basic steps.
Clarifying the Requirement of Material This is the first step of material selection when it comes to CNC project.

Here the material requirements are defined in detail based on the design and a list is prepared by CNC turned component manufacturers of material prerequisites.

This list is prepared to keep the demands of customers in mind for example do they require malleability or material that is sturdy. Are they looking for a surface that has a laser polish finishing on it and also, they weigh the environmental, financial, mechanical and physical factors when defining the requirements?

Segregate the Qualified material and Keep them Separate- In this step, a potential candidate list is prepared especially when there are multiple competitors.

For example, if the material is being purchased In India then a potential list of CNC Turned Components India is made based on the availability of materials.

Selecting the Right Material for The Project- The third step is where the right material is picked up. It involves multiple functionalities, and the cost is the bare minimum.

Below mentioned are some tips for CNC turned component manufacturers to help them chose the right material for their project.
Tips for Manufacturers to Choose the Right Material for CNC Turned Components
Environment Determines Choice Of material- While choosing the right material for a project CNC turned component manufacturers take into account the environment in which it is going to be used like for example in case the product is being made for external use it would be best if the product is made out of stainless steel which protects the product from environmental damages.
Temperature is Another Important determent for the Choice of Material- Temperature is one of the most important factors that determine what material can be used because if the melting point is below the processing point then it becomes close to impossible to make a product.

Therefore, it is vital for CNC turned Components India to see that the melting point is much above the processing point so that the material can sustain the heat especially in warm countries like India.

The Stress Capacity of the Material Needs To Be Maintained and Monitored- Manufacturers who are purchasing raw materials for CNC turned components should keep in mind that a proper analysis needs to be done that determines the capacity to sustain stress and accurate weight of the component. Because overweight can be a cause of functional stress.

The Strength of the material Should Also be Considered- There are certain parameters that need to be considered for example metal endurance, resistance, how hard or brittle is the metal and metal fatigue. These factors can determine the strength of the material.

Material Cost Needs to be Considered- Cost analysis is the most important factor that directly affects the production generating economy. Variation in material cost determines the net production cost. For example, if the material is cheap than it relatively decreases the production cost.

Simultaneously if the material cost is high then it automatically increases the production cost. An example of this is carving watch cases. If the watch cases are carved in stainless steel, then the overall production cost of the watch will shoot the sky similarly if the watch case can be made of soft alloy then it decreases the production cost of the watch.

Final Takeaway
Therefore to conclude it can be said that to choose the right material for CNC turned components manufacturers should first determine the environment in which the product is going to be used, they should ensure that the melting point of the material is above the processing point so that it can bear the heat during production, further, the capacity of the material to sustain stress also needs to be measured, along with it the strength of the material and the material cost should be taken into consideration while choosing the right material for CNC turned components.